All Bachelor Higher Secondary Undergraduate

Information Technology (IT)

The mission and vision of this department is to make the students literate with the requirements of the virtual world.


The department conducts classes for the higher secondary course and communicative and functional English for the course.


The objective of the department is to develop skill and problem solving aptitudes of students in the field of education particularly in Accounting and taxation.


The Assamese department is functioning since the opening of the college. As, Assamese is our mother tongue and hence, all the faculties of the department always emphasizes on the learning and usage of it in the academic sphere.


The department of Management is an important part of the college which offers both major and general courses at undergraduate level as well as higher secondary level.


Finance department provides education at undergraduate level in both major and general courses as well as in HS level also.


The Department provides the knowledge of Economics in graduate and higher secondary level.


The department of Statistics bears significance in teaching statistical practices in the field of Commerce education to improve the statistical knowledge of student.