Quality enhancement in academic institutions is a continuous process. IQAC is a part of the academic institutions to work towards the achievement of the goal of quality enhancement and sustenance. The main function of IQAC of the college PDUAM, Tulungia is to create a conducive academic atmosphere among the different cells to achieve the vision of the college.

Objectives of the cell is to-

  • formation of a committee for collaboration and clustering among academic institutions.
  • different quality measures in the admission process.
  • stress on ICT based teaching and learning.
  • initiate the proper system for student feedback.
  • emphasize for accomplishment of the best practice of the college.
  • channelize the efforts towards creating better communication among different cells.
  • organize the pedagogical training to enhance the quality of teaching and research.

Apart from the above, the IQAC of the college decides to introduce following initiatives for overall development of academic environment of the college:

  1. to create awareness among the masses of the locality for multiple cropping system for improving their gross domestic income, declining the burden disguised work force.
  2. to improve the natural scenic beauty of the neighboring villages into tourist spots in order create to attraction of tourists from around the globe, consulting with both the government and non-government agencies.

To accomplish all operational activities of IQAC of the college, following members have been entrusted for the coming five years. They are-

Coordinator-Dr. Kaushik Kishore Phukon


1) Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, Associate Professor, Abhayapuri College.

2) Mr. Phatik Chandra Kalita, HoD, Department of Management, Bongaigaon College.

3) Mr. Raju Prasad Bora, Project Manager, DICC, Chirang.

4) Dr. Lakhimi Nath, HoD, Department of Economics, PDUAM, Tulungia.

5) Mr. Atanu Kr. Mishra, HoD, Department of Accountancy, PDUAM, Tulungia.