College Administration

Governing Body

The Governing Body (GB) of the College manages the administrative affairs of the college. The composition of the Governing Bodies is as follows-

Sl No Name & Address Designation/Occupation
1 Mr. Keshab Chandra Deb Sarma

Abhyapuri, Bongaigaon

President, GB
2 Dr. Gunindra Das

PDUAM, Tulungia

Secretary & Principal
3 Dr. Navajyoti Sarma

PDUAM, Amjonga

Member & Principal, PDUAM, Amjonga
4 Mr. Pramathesh Bayan


Member & Vice Principal

Bijni College

5 Dr. Pranjal Morang

PDUAM, Tulungia

Teacher Representative, GB & Assitant Professor, PDUAMT
6 Mr. Lakhshyajit Shyam

PDUAM, Tulungia

Teacher Representative, GB & Assitant Professor, PDUAMT
7 Ms. Banasri Deka

PDUAM, Tulungia

Librarian, PDUAM, Tulungia
8 Mr. Sirojit Kalita

PDUAM, Tulungia

Non-Teaching Representative & Junior Assistant, PDUAM, Tulungia
9 Mr. Lakshin Ch. Ray


Gurdian Member, GB
10 Mr. Kalicharan Ray


Gurdian Member, GB
11 Mrs. Prativa Devi


Gurdian Member, GB

Functions of the Governing Body

  1. To undertake financial management of the college, to utilize the grants received from the government/RUSA subject to supervision of Mission Director RUSA and the Director of Higher Education and the Deputy Commissioner of the district.
  2. To arrange for the maintenance of the college building.
  3. To grant leave to the teaching and non-teaching staff except Extra Ordinary Leave/Special Leave/and Lien for which approval and sanction of Director will be necessary.
  4. To hold selections to various posts both teaching and non-teaching and to recommend the select list to the Director, Higher Education for approval and appointment. The Director of Higher Education shall be the appointing authority of all appointments.
  5. To manage scholarships.
  6. To hold enquiry into matters of discipline and recommend action to the Director.
  7. To prepare a plan for the courses to be introduced, to administer courses, to do all this necessary to getting affiliation, concurrence etc.