In order to explore and reach the highest level in academic performance, PDUAM, Tulungia has formed an academic development cell. The main objective of the cell is to look after the academic affairs of the college and make recommendations to the Principal (the highest authority) in formulation of the academic rules and regulations. The cell aims to build up a quality teaching learning atmosphere for the students as well as the faculty members conducting inter disciplinary seminar/lecture, group discussions and faculty development programmes. The cell is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of Principal of the college.

Convener – Dr. Kishor Kumar Das, Dept. of Mathematics
Member – All heads both Commerce and Science Dept.



  1. Maintenance of quality standard of education and making necessary suggestions for overall growth and development of the college.
  2. Monitoring the students and faculty development programmes;
  3. Preparing and reviewing the class routine, academic calendar and college prospectus.
  4. Promoting research activities among the faculties.
  5. Keeping vigilance on the attendance of students as well as teachers.
  6. Overseeing the smooth conduct of examinations, evaluation of scripts and their proper recording.
  7. Planning and working towards introduction of professional and skill development courses in the college.