The age of globalization has made Commerce and Science education a driving force that assists students to excel in careers concerning subjects like accounting, marketing, human resource management, Engineering, Medical, etc. The course inculcates proficiency, competency and leadership qualities among students that prepare them to find suitable placements in the competitive job market.

With a view to develop the Commerce and Science education among the rural masses of Assam, the college offers B.Com and B.Sc. courses both in major and general as well as higher secondary courses in Commerce and Science. In addition to the aforementioned courses, few job oriented and skill-based courses are going to be introduced in the ensuing time to cater to the needs of the changing job market.

Enrolment Details:

Course Year/ Semester Students Enrolment
H.S (Commerce) 1st Year 165
2nd Year 80
H.S (Science) 1st Year 55
B.Com 1st Year/1st Semester 190
2nd year/ 3rd Semester 88
3rd Year/ 5th Semester 82
B.Sc 1st Year/ 1st Semester 66