Dr. Anamika Sarma

Dr. Anamika Sarma

Assistant Professor (Department- Mathematics)


Educational Qualification:
Ph.D in ‘Mathematics’: Topic :“A study on some aspects of C*-algebras and their tensor product”(Gauhati university, 2020)
Slet in ‘Mathematical Science’ (SLET commission, Assam, N E Region, 2016)
M.Sc. in ‘Mathematics’ (Gauhati university, 2012)

Date of joining: 27/02/2021

Area of Interest: Functional Analysis

Paper Published in Journal:
1. A. Sarma, N. Goswami, V.N. Mishra, Some properties of bilinear mappings on the tensor product of C*-algebra,Korean. J. Math., Vol. 27(4)2019, pp. 977-1003.
2. A. Sarma, N. Goswami, D. Das, Common Fixed Point Result in C*-algebra Valued Modular Metric Space with an application, Adv. Appl. Math. Sci. Vol(19), 2019, pp-1-20.
3. N. Goswami, A. Sarma, V.N. Mishra, Some results for a class of extended centralizer on C*- algebras, Disc. Math. Alg. Appl., Vol.(12), 2020. Book: ‘GANIT’ for class -X, R.G.Publisher, 2017, ISBN: 978- 81-930791-2-6.

Book Chapter:Recent studies in mathematics and Computer science, Vol. 3 (Chapter-8, Some results for extended left centralizers on the tensor product of c*-algebras) Book publisher international, 2020, ISBN: 978-93-90149-51-3.

Paper presented in Conference/ Seminar:
1. 81 st Annual Conference of The Indian Mathematical Society(IMS), VNIT, Nagpur, December 27- 30, 2015.
2. National Conference on Mathematics and its Application(NCMA-2016), Department of Mathematics, Cotton College, Guwahati, October 21-22, 2016.
3.National Conference on Advances in Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Gauhati University, December 22-23, 2016.
4. National Conference on Recent Advances in Science and Technology(NCRAST-2018), ASTU, Guwahati, March 15-17, 2018.
5. International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematics and its Applications(ICRAMA-2019), Department of Mathematics, Tripura University, Tripura, July 16-18, 2019.