The society engages indifferent activities pertaining to literature, language and culture which can be considered as an important part of the ethical life of a society. To remove the barriers of language, literature and culture, the society plays a vital role since the day of its constitution.The society deals with evaluation of literary ideas and the preservation of cultural ethics. Influence of language, culture and literature in educational institutions is eminent. Therefore, the society concerns itself with the application of literary and cultural tools to aid in the intellectual development of the students. This cell publishes the College Magazine “BORTILA”every year.


  1. To involve teachers and students in literary and creative discussions.
  2. To associate teachers and students with literary ideas that lead to social development.
  3. To build teachers-students interaction for achieving the literary goal of the college.
  4. To achieve the motto of the literary society, following members are entrusted

Convener-Mrs. Banalata Das, Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese.


  1. Samaresh Nandy, Assistant Professor, Department of Management.
  2. Lakhyajit Shyam, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance.
  3. Dibakar Maut, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  4. Barna Sarma, Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese